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November 15, 2013
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(Contains: violence/gore)
Thanks so much everyone for your comments!, I might not have time to answer them all but I will read
and answer any questions!

A thanks and shout out to Jan, for making a song based on one of my old paintings, go and check it out!

For more go here:

As for this painting:
I feel like I tend to avoid stuff that a lot of human elements in them, IE furnitures,
so I felt like I should do some more of that, so this was a bit of an experiement.

there is some room for some fixes I could do to the picture, but I think it will have to be fine as it is for now.

Used some photo textures so it looks maybe abit more "concept arty" than usual.

Also im not sure if mature filter was needed, but I thought it was best to do just incase.
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vitrashark Feb 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Breathtaking piece! Fantastic value composition and you color usage is very vivid! Outstanding :clap:
martonrobert Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Looks like a place from Far Cry 3! Awesome work!
joshmurano Dec 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
awesome work! I'd be curious to know how long you spent on it, looks really good.
M0hammadAli Dec 3, 2013  Student General Artist
I love the lush vibe you've created in this piece. Very cool.
l0kiderhase Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Consider yourself watched
Heh, opposite of the old gas station. In bright, happy daylight with lush surroundings, a horror story. :D

Is 'Help Me' written from the outside, or written in reverse from the inside?
LineDetail Nov 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Rock on Unid, coming to your page and having you on my watch list always leads to something really awesome that i look forward to. You don't stop! As an artist do you feel the constant need to one-up your previous work? Keep on doing whatever you're doing. It's working.
Thank you and a great question!, I would say both yes and no, if the piece I am working on is something I like and feel good about, than I must trust myself its worth showing, even if its not as grand or super detailed like some other works I have done.

Sometimes I think about them in categorizes, I cannot really compare a picture I did in one day to something I spent seven days working on, but both are worth showing if I feel they are complete.

Sometimes I feel like the subject can matter as much as the painting knowledge, some images becomes really good because of the subject itself, example: a day scene would be harder to make it look awsome than a sunset, so maybe I would compare them like a sunset vs a sunset scene, so if they are very similar I might want to make the newer better, maybe I have some new understanding or a new view on it so the newer one would be better, and if I dont, well that would suck.

So I am not too concerned if my new picture is not as good as something I did previously, since "all the stars might have alligned" subject, color and mood wise for just that one picture, and I just cant be painting those kind of pictures, I just want to learn so I need to paint different things and not just picking the most epic.

My halloween pictures are maybe the best example of me trying to one-up myself tho, eventually the difference in skill will have diminishing returns, meaning that the newer picture might not techniqually be much better, so I would have to have a better mood, lightning, more characters, grander ideas and concept and more time spent, for it to really get more superior.

Its a tricky question, in the end I just enjoy learning and get a better understanding about art,and hopefully that can translate into my newer pictures making them better without really me trying to beat my old self, so its more of a bi-product of learning that the new images would be better.

But it does happen too, that I feel like my older images are better, since new understanding and ideas changes you and the art, sometimes for the worse, so sometimes you gotta learn from your own old images and try bring it back.

It is quite interesting to compare two similar images u have done, one newer and one older, and see if you have forgot things u knew previously or if anything has improved, I did that a bit with my halloween pictures, just to make sure my old pictures didnt have something I didnt have in my new.

So this ended up as a long answer, but yeh I would say yes and no, Its not a concern I have and it doesnt affect if I would post an image or not, that would be determined by my "standards" and those might be increasing each year, so I think thats what I would say, I am more concerned if an image is as good as I can do it today, passing my seal of approal or (standards), rather than comparing it to my previous artwork.

And last note I was thinking about, I look at a lot of artists works, video games but also real life, and they are the reason I want to learn and understand more, so they are maybe subject to one-up rather than my own art, and by doing so I think your learning and hopefully! the result will be your newer images are better than the old ones.
But also its probably easier to view this year by year, or every two years or something, we all have bad days and good ones, good or bad paintings, but hopefully your worst painting will be much better than your worst a few years ago right? :).

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